Introducing the Undergrowth Booklet

You may have noticed my earlier mention of a super secret project I was working on over the summer. Happily, my tinkering paid off and I am now incredibly pleased to present the Undergrowth booklet.

Undergrowth Booklet © Bryony Whistlecraft |

As a life-long bibliophile books have always held a special place in my heart. As much as it thrills me to see my work hung on a wall or appear in a magazine, it is books that I dream about. The Undergrowth booklet is, therefore, a culmination of that dream. A dream which I intend to include many more books still to come.

Undergrowth is an A6 format booklet, with 20 gorgeous pages featuring my photography printed in full colour throughout. The cover features a copper foil title which looks stunning indeed against the matte, mossy background.

The booklet is a limited edition of 50, each signed and numbered by hand.

Undergrowth is now available from my store here, and on Etsy.

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