La Belle Dame Sans Merci

The new issue of FAE magazine has just arrived, and it is truly a stunner. When Karen, the editor, announced it was to be a Pre-Raphaelite themed edition, and asked if I’d like to contribute, I had no hesitation. Pre-Raphelite art and faerie lore have inspired me throughout my life. After a little deliberation, I settled on the topic for my article… The Faerie Lore and Fatal Attraction of La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

Naturally, you will need to pick up a copy of FAE to read the article, but here is a sneak peek of the poem itself. Accompanied by a photo of yours truly, taken by Stephane Lord when we collaborated back in May. Not that I would ever presume to be a fraction as alluring as La Belle Dame Sans Merci… (I’m also a good deal friendlier!). In the article, I delve into the faerie folklore contained in the poem and John Keat’s influence on the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and their followers.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci - FAE Magazine Issue 41

The magazine contains many other wonders including Felicity Fyr Le Fay’s article on Pre-Raphaelite muse Elizabeth Siddal and an exploration of London’s Pre-Raphaelite art treasures. Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market comes to life with Omar Rayan’s exquisite art. Harpist Elizabeth Jane Baldry and actress Maxine Fone’s performance of Goblin Market also features, with stunning photography by Brian Froud. There are even Pre-Raphaelite hair and beauty tips, should you wish to look like a stunner too!

FAE Magazine Issue 41 - the Pre-Raphaelite Edition

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