Mooredge in the Mist: Society6

Being self-employed is rather a juggling act. One person, wholly responsible for every aspect of the business. Each day brings something different, whether it is posting and packing orders or navigating social media algorithms. However, I’d much prefer to be wandering in the hills taking photos. That’s why I’m happy to find a new way to bring my work to the wider world with Society6.

Rather than choose which images to have produced as prints, then hold them in stock until they are sold, Society6 gives me far more freedom and you more choice. I can now offer a much wider selection of art prints – but not only prints. My work is now available on home decor including cushions and throws and accessories like tote bags and travel mugs. It’s very exciting to be able to offer such a wide choice of products – far more than I could ever offer on my own.

Society6 is a print on demand service so no redundant stock is left over – a far better use of resources. Society6 take care of the sales, manufacture and delivery of everything which I receive a small commission for each sale. They have an excellent reputation for customer service and quality products, plus worldwide delivery.

Society6: Mooredge in the Mist

I dearly hope you’ll find something there to tickle your fancy – and fancy up your home. Click on the image above to check out my store.

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