Todmorden Open Studios, Thank You!

Well that was rather a whirlwind of a weekend! I want to thank everyone who braved the torrential rain to stop by Tod Studio for the Open Studios event.

People of the Hills exhibition at Todmorden Open Studios 2017 | Amelia Harper - Naomi von Monsta - Bryony Whistlecraft

I met many lovely people and had some fascinating conversations. And I’m eternally grateful that my work was so well received. This was the first time I have ever displayed any of my work in public. Many sleepless nights were had leading up to the weekends due to nerves. However, I needn’t have worried as it was a wonderful experience.

Huge thanks too, to my fellow People of the Hills Naomi von Monsta and Amelia Harper. For encouraging me to join them in the first place and for the camaraderie. Our work has many themes and influences in common and it was splendid to see it all together like this. Todmorden Open Studios is the first official outing for our art collective (minus the wonderful Ali English, who lives a little further away). You shall be hearing lots more of People of the Hills in the future.

Of course, I appear to be coming down with a cold in the aftermath of all the excitement, so I intend to take a couple of days off to recover. I shall be back later this week to begin listing prints in my shop. In the meantime, if you saw a print at the show but didn’t get a chance to purchase it, please contact me.

It is my intention to attend more local events, and who knows, perhaps even further afield one day. I will announce future events here on the blog and in the newsletter.

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