Yuletide Greetings

Yuletide Greetings © Bryony Whistlecraft | MooredgeintheMist.com

Wishing you all warm Yuletide Greetings!

The time has come for me to step away from the office and enjoy the festive season with my family. I foresee lots of reading by the woodburner, wintry walks, knitting and feasting. I’m going offline until the new year. I will still be reachable through email and my shop here and on Etsy will remain open throughout. Although I do expect posting times may be a little slower than usual. I will be stepping away from social media completely during this period to give my brain a rest. What bliss!

I will return to regular blogging, Instagram and Twitter in 2018. Until then, my heartfelt thanks for all the kind words, support and encouragement I have received throughout this year. It has been an absolute pleasure to share my photography and writing with you. I wish you all a wonderful festive season, however you celebrate and wherever you are!


  1. Just yesterday, I joined Wisteria and Sunshine. Today, I was seeking blogs, of other members there. Truthfully, I wasn’t getting far, in my search. The ones I found, who actually had their blog links, on their Profile Page, were……. -sigh- How to say it nicely? Guess there isn’t any such way. lol Very Christian. That’s what they were. And I ‘reasoned’ my way out of that, years ago.

    And then, who did I happen upon, but you! Nope, never knew you had a blog. But have seen your IG before. So it was rather like finding an old friend. And old friend, whom I really didn’t know. But … Had enjoyed on IG.

    Guess you are back on the net, in 2018, since you joined Wisteria and Sunshine. Hope you will be posting here soon, again, also. But! We do what we do, at our own tempo and pace! I’d not encourage you back, until it feels just right, for you.

    So Greetings!

    My blog is Wisps of Words…. https://wordswisps.blogspot.com/ <—if I can't do a click-able link here. No, I have not yet put the link to it, on "W&S"…

    Ahhh… How do I put my "Name" here, to comment on your blog? I have not chosen a "Name" to use, on my blog, which is new. Hmmmmm… And I really don't want to use my real life name, which I use on Wisteria & Sunshine. Hmmmm…. I was really hoping to avoid a "name" in blogging, this time. Oh well, I'll make something. 🙂

    Happy to meet you!

    1. A pleasure to meet you!

      Wisteria and Sunshine is a beautiful community. I’ve been a member for a couple of years now and always find inspiration and things to think about when I visit there.

      I’ve been enjoying my hibernation greatly and have extended my time off from social media and blogging until the end of the month, or thereabouts… and in truth, I’m not going anywhere or doing anything that would make good fodder for blog or Instagram posts anyway. I’m just reading and sleeping and pottering, which is only interesting to me and me alone! I’m sure I’ll get out there more when spring starts stirring, but for now, it feels right to rest and dream a while longer.

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